Frederick Pond

Name: Frederick Pond

Born: 19 February 1836 in Cambridge

Died: 27 March 1915 at 351 West End Lane, Hampstead, London

Father: Edward Pond

Mother: Mary Lambert

Wife: Eliza Swann

Married: 26 November 1854 in Christ Church, St Andrew the Less, Cambridge


Children: Hannah, Frederick, Alfred, Henry, Mary, Arthur, Alfred, Walter, Edward

Census: 1841 (Cambridge)1851 (103 Newmarket Road, Cambridge)1861 (137 Church End, Haslingfield), 1871 (Haslingfield), 1881 (High Street, Haslingfield), 1891 (West End Coffee House, West End Lane, London)1901 (West End Coffee House, West End Lane, London), 1911 (351 West End Lane, London)

Occupations:  Brickmaker (journeyman) (1855), Labourer (1856), Coprolite digger (1861), Fossil digger (1869), Fossil digger (1872), Fossil digger (1874), Fossil digger (1881), Labourer (1885), Coffee house manager (1890), Coffee house keeper (1891), Coffee house keeper (1895), Coffee house keeper (1901), Coffee house keeper (1905), Dining room keeper (1911), Coffee house keeper (dec'd) (1929)


Other:  Buried with his wife Eliza at Hampstead cemetery
            Involved in excavation of Anglo-saxon burial site at Stoney Hill field, Haslingfield
            Left £1,123 5s 1d in his will

Peter Pond writes in January 2007: 

I have doubts if Frederick was born in Haslingfield [Ed: he was born in Cambridge, see above], in the 1861 census he was living at High Street, Haslingfield Cambs [Ed: actually 137 Church End, see above].  In a letter my mother wrote to her brother Arthur she said she had seen headstones in Ely parish church with the Pond name dated in the 1700s.  Eliza was 16 years old when she married.  Frederick and Eliza were married on the 20th November 1854 [Ed: actually 26th, see above] at All Saints Church Haslingfield [Ed: actually it was in Cambridge, see above].  Eliza had 14 children in total only 7 survived to adulthood.  I have always understood Frederick was a "Fossil digger/well digger" see the book on fossils I gave to Toby in 2002 dedicated to "Frederick Pond of Haslingfield"!  See page 13 of A History of Haslingfield written by the Rev. G.E. Davis in 1968 - there he writes that 'Pond' sold items found in Anglo Saxon graves and implied that Frederick was a grave robber.

In the 1881 census he was still at High Street, Haslingfield, occupation Fossil Digger.  I now believe he found his "Pot of Gold" which funded the various family enterprises i.e. the family move to Hampstead in May 1886 [Ed: note that the market for coprolite collapsed in c1884, and Haslingfield at the time suffered severe distress (see here) - so the move away from Haslingfield might have occurred before the "Pot of Gold" was found], the setting up the "West End Coffee House" at 351 West End Lane, [his son] Arthur being able to finance buying a Tool shop at the age of 21, perhaps helping [his son] Walter with the purchase of his business in Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham, William Grant (husband of [his daughter] Hannah) rising from being a Groom Domestic in 1881 census to become a "Farmer", [his son] Henry being able to finance his son Frederick H. in buying the shop in Chancery Lane and as far as I can gather Henry also paid for the houses in Little Youngs and Handside Close in Welwyn Garden City.  Perhaps Frederick financed [his daughter] Mary Ann's husband Arthur Stiles Harvey from being a butcher's boy to be a very prosperous Butcher.  [His son] Ted was able to set up his cycle shop.  If I remember rightly, Ted was like me, was unable to take the rough and tumble of retail business and he was, as I, very brusque, lost custom and went broke.  I haven't any idea what Alfred did, only that he lived in Worthing.  My brother Fred wrote on a rough family tree he started that Alfred was a Sussex Country cricketer [Ed: no records can be found of Alfred at Sussex CCC].

I don't have any family stories about Frederick and his wife, my great grandparents.  Although most of the family would turn up at Little Youngs, our home in Welwyn Garden City, on Sundays to enjoy Mum's home made Victoria sponge and Lemon Curd etc. signing around the piano, country and WW1 songs, telling rat hunts (yarns) heated political discussions and such, they never spoke about Frederick or Eliza, I just don't understand why? 


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