Arthur Pond

Name:  Arthur Pond

Born:  27 May 1869 in Haslingfield, Cambridgeshire

Died:  1 December 1924 at 15 Station Road, Letchworth, Hertfordshire

Father: Frederick Pond

Mother: Eliza Swann

Wife:  Sarah Woods

Married:  28 August 1893 at St Matthew's Church, London


Children:  None

Census:  1871 (Haslingfield), 1881 (High Street, Haslingfield), 1891 (106 & 108 Old Street, London)1901 (106 & 108 Old Street, London), 1911 (106 Old Street, London)

Occupations:  Farm labourer (1881), Ironmonger (1891), Ironmonger dealer (1901), Ironmonger (master) (1924)


Other:  Owned and ran Beech & Pond tool merchants, London
            Buried at Hampstead cemetery
            Left £9,888 19s 5d in his will originally

Peter Pond writes in January 2007:

I do not know much about Arthur's private life.  When he was married and/or when he was separated/divorced was not spoken about as far as I can remember.  His public life is well known - he was taken on at an Ironmongers shop at 104 Old Street, London as an apprentice (shop staff normally lived at the premises and worked a 6 day week, Sundays they were expected to go to church) [Ed: this article suggests that Arthur started working in the Beech tool business in 1894/1895 when he was around 15 or 16 years old].  When he was 21 [Ed: he would have been 22 when he entered into a joint partnership with Elizabeth Beech in equal shares to purchase the business in October 1891] he bought the business from the widow of his former boss [Ed: Charles Beech was actually alive and lived until 1922, and is described as a retired Ironmonger in the 1891 census] with the stipulation that the name Beech should remain in the title of the business, and he agreed to pay the widow Mrs Beech a weekly legacy as part of the purchase.  It was a sad agreement as Mrs Beech was still alive when he died, causing a certain amount of problems for his executors.  I have found a note in Henry's pocket notice that Mrs Beech died in 1927 at the age of 98 years!

Arthur was a great personality, was very successful in his business - pictures show him in a top hat, frock coat with a fancy ivory handled walking stick which I use to this day.  [His brother] Walter Pond worked with Arthur, and my dad Frederick Henry, Edward and Walter Harvey his nephews had apprenticeships with him.  He took an active part in local affairs and local politics and became an Alderman of the City of London at the age of 27 [Ed: Arthur was first elected as a Vestryman of St Lukes vestry in 1894 according to this article, and then later elected an Alderman of Finsbury Borough Council in 1900].  He started the National Federation of Ironmongers.  See a page in this book from the Ironmongers Chronicle in May 1908 with an article headed "Pond of London".  So started a family of Ironmongers which finished in 1996 when my brother, sister and I retired.


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